Wooster Seventh-day Adventist Church

Welcome to the Wooster Seventh-day Adventist Church.
We are located at:

445 N Bever Street, Wooster, OH  44691

saturday: BIBLE STUDY at  9:30 am
                Worship AT 11:00 am

We are commited to:

Reaching our community in which we live,
Teaching of God's love,
Affirming them as a integral part of the body of Christ, and
Loving them into a growing relationship with Jesus which prepares them for His soon return.

We will accomplish this commitment:
By Reaching out, sharing and giving of ourselves in our community.
By Teaching of God's love through action, word and deed.
By Affirming and encouraging others to develop the gifts God has given them.
By Loving others into a growing relationship with Jesus through example and mentoring.

History of the Adventist Church

The Adventist Church began with a bunch of teenagers who loved Jesus like crazy. Coming from a wide array of Protestant Christian Churches, they became convinced from studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that Jesus was coming soon.

While Jesus didn't return when they thought He would, they kept studying and humbly discovered the mistakes they made. From the book of Hebrews, they learned that Jesus is up to something BIG in heaven right now. And from Matthew, they remembered that NOBODY really knows when Jesus is coming again!

The other thing they discovered was that the Lord has a day [Revelation 1:10], known as Sabbath [Mark 2:27-28], that Jesus created on the 7th day [Genesis 2:2] and still cares about [Revelation 14:7 quotes Exodus 20:11].

So if you'd like to join us in person, please do so on Saturdays @ 9:30 am for Bible Study and 11:00 am for Worship. We love having guests! If you're here the 1st Saturday of the month, lunch is on us!

Thanks for visiting our site and come back often! 

Wooster Seventh-day Adventist Church
445 N Bever St | Wooster, OH 44691-3529